Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Why Fat People Hate Going to the Doctor

I know, because I also hate going to the doctor.


Heavy Patients Get Little Respect From Doctors
Study finding shows doctors have to realize obesity is a disease, expert says

By Steven Reinberg
Oct. 23, 2009

Mirroring a societal stigma against the obese, Johns Hopkins researchers report that doctors appear to have less respect for their heavy patients.

"Society, in general, has negative attitudes towards patients with obesity and physicians may be mimicking what is found in society," said lead researcher Dr. Mary Margaret Huizinga, an assistant professor of general internal medicine at Hopkins.

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These conclusions are probably right, but it's worth pointing out that the sample size of this study was awfully small - just forty physicians. It seems that since the researchers were using survey data, the sample size could have been bigger. I'm not sure how generalizable these findings are. But anyway, these questions could be best answered by looking at the scientific article, which will appear in November's Journal of General Internal Medicine.

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