Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What I Ate: 5/12/2009

  • 1 oz./2 tbsp. chocolate protein-enriched pudding - I made mine with chocolate fudge instant sugar-free/fat-free Jello and EAS Myoplex Carb Control Chocolate Fudge ready-to-drink protein shake (idea from BariatricEating.com) but I used a lighter and less tasty protein drink (23 kcals, 2.3g protein) with 1 oz./2 stalks turkey bacon-wrapped asparagus - the asparagus is shriveling before my eyes, so I'm trying to eat it all now since it was so pricey (44 kcals, 3g protein)
  • 2 Bariatric Advantage Chocolate Chewy Bites - felt that I needed to acknowledge these calories today because I had 2 of these instead of just one - very unfortunate decision! (30 kcals, 0g protein)
  • 4 oz./1 scoop Nectar fuzzy navel protein shake (90 kcals, 23g protein)
  • 2 oz. poached tilapia with tomato-herb-cream sauce (about 75 kcals, 12g protein)
  • 2 stalks (1 oz.) turkey bacon-wrapped asparagus (44 kcals, 3g protein)
  • 4 oz./1 scoop Nectar chocolate truffle protein shake (100 kcals, 23g protein)

Total: 406 kcals, 66.3g protein, 65.3% kcals from protein.

No workout. Today I had to focus on handling my business before everything crashes.

I'm thinking about going back to liquids for a few days to jump start myself. Eating is a lot of work anyway. I'm concerned that turkey bacon might be a trigger food for me. Or at least, turkey bacon-wrapped asparagus. Fortunately, only one more stalk left.

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