Saturday, November 28, 2009

What I Ate: 11/27/2009

  • 1 scoop Isopure dutch chocolate with iced decaf, SF chocolate and vanilla syrup, Truvia, and 1/2 tbsp. Droste unsweetened cocoa (121 kcals, 25g protein, 6g net carbs)
  • 1 pumpkin pie shake - 1/2 vanilla creme Oh Yeah! protein drink (110 kcals, 16g protein, 1.5g net carbs), 2 tbsp. pumpkin puree (10 kcals, 0.5g protein, 1g net carbs), 1/2 scoop Elite Gourmet Vanilla protein (57 kcals, 12g protein, 1g net carbs), cinnamon, maple extract, and just a drop of sugar-free vanilla syrup (177 kcals, 28.5g protein, 3.5g net carbs)
  • Roughly 4 oz. of "Indian Wedding" Soup with broth. It's like Italian wedding, but with Indian flavors. It has tiny meatballs made with lamb and chicken breast, tomatoes, spinach, onions, and lots of spices! (about117 kcals, 15g protein, and 4g net carbs)
  • 6 pecan halves (about 60 kcals, 0.8g protein, 0.4g net carbs)
  • 1 bag barbecue Revival Soy Chips (110 kcals, 7g protein, 13g net carbs)
  • 1/2 cup nonfat Oikos (65 kcals, 11.5g protein, 4.5g net carbs) with 1/2 scoop Inspire ice cream sandwich protein powder (65 kcals, 15g protein, 1.5g net carbs), 1 tbsp. FF/SF cheesecake Jello pudding (about 15 kcals, 0g protein, 4g net carbs), 2 tbsp. Free Cool Whip (15 kcals, 0g protein, 3g net carbs) and some amount of SF chocolate and vanilla syrups - total (160 kcals, 26.5g protein, 13g net carbs)
  • 4 Bariatric Advantage calcium lozenges (16 kcals, 4g net carbs)
  • 2 Celebrate orange multivitamins (10 kcals, 1g net carbs)
  • 1 Celebrate iron (5 kcals, 1g net carbs)
  • 3 pouches of sugar-free drink mix (30 kcals, 7.5g net carbs)
806 kcals
102.8g protein
51.0% kcals from protein
53.4g net carbs
26.5% kcals from net carbs.
I went for a 2-mile walk today at the track; it was so cold that I had to cut it shorter than my original plan of 3-5 miles. To compensate, I came home and did Leslie Sansone's Walk and Kick dvd, and finished it out with my mom's "Gentle Pilates" dvd. :-)

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