Sunday, November 15, 2009

What I Ate: 11/15/2009

  • 4 Shelly's bites, this time made with real eggs, filled with onions, peas, and full-fat Vermont sharp cheddar (about 140 kcals, 10.5g protein, 2g net carbs). I made these for the YouTube meet and greet, so I didn't want to use my more rubbery but healthy products like egg substitute and fat-free cheese!
  • 2.5 oz. pot roast that my mom cooked (150 kcals, 23g protein, 0g net carbs) with lowfat roasted garlic and mushroom soup with celery and onions (maybe 35 kcals, 0g protein, 7g net carbs), served with 1/3 of a plain flaxseed "muffin in a minute" (50 kcals, 4g protein, 0g net carbs)
  • 1 strawberry (6 kcals, 0g protein, 1g net carb) and 1 deviled egg (40 kcals, 4g protein, 2.5g net carbs)
  • 1 Mocha Latte Believe protein "frappucino" (120 kcals, 20g protein, 5g net carbs)
  • 1/2 cup nonfat Fage (60 kcals, 10g protein, 4.5g net carbs) with a little over 1 tbsp. SF/FF white chocolate Jello mix (15 kcals, 0g protein, 4g net carbs), 1/2 scoop Inspire ice cream sandwich protein powder (63 kcals, 15g protein, 1g net carb), and SF vanilla and cookie dough syrups to my taste.
  • 12 almonds (84 kcals, 3.6g protein, 1.2g net carbs)
  • 1 Calcet calcium citrate lemon creamy bite (40 kcals, 6g net carbs)
  • 2 Celebrate orange multivitamins (10 kcals, 1g net carbs)
  • 1 Celebrate iron (5 kcals, 1g net carbs)
  • 3 pouches of sugar-free drink mix (30 kcals, 7.5g net carbs)
848 kcals
90.1g protein
42.5% kcals from protein
43.7g net carbs
20.6% kcals from net carbs.

I had a pretty high fat intake today, apparently.

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