Monday, November 23, 2009

What I Ate: 11/22/2009

I'm late posting this! It takes me a long time to calculate the calories in my recipes, so I just finished figuring out the deal with the beef and bean chili-inspired loaf.

  • 3 slices Hormel Natural deli turkey (it's back!) rolled up and stuffed with 10 Mt. Olive no sugar added bread & butter pickle chips - yumm! The pickles are sweetened with Splenda and supposedly have no calories, but I'm estimating that they have a few based on what we learned about Splenda . . . (58 kcals, 10g protein, 2g net carbs)
  • Apple Vanilla Protein Cheesecake: 1/2 cup nonfat Fage (60 kcals, 10g protein, 4.5g net carbs) mixed with 1/2 scoop Elite Gourmet Vanilla protein (57 kcals, 12g protein, 1g net carbs), 1 tbsp. Jello sugar-free cheesecake pudding (about 15 kcals, 0g protein, 4g net carbs), and about 1.5 tbsp. sugar-free vanilla syrup; topped with 16 grams of granny smith apple (about 1/8 of a large apple) (9 kcals, 2g net carbs), thinly sliced and cooked in 1 tsp. Nature Sweet sugar-free brown "sugar" (6 kcals, 0.5g net carbs), a little cinnamon, yuzu juice, and sugar-free vanilla syrup (147 kcals, 22g protein, 12g net carbs)
  • 5 slices Hormel Natural deli turkey with more pickle chips (99 kcals, 16.6g protein, 5g net carbs)
  • Pumpkin shake, this time with 4 oz. Oh Yeah! vanilla creme protein shake (63 kcals, 9g protein, 1g net carbs) and 1 scoop Elite Gourmet Vanilla protein (114 kcals, 24g protein, 2g net carbs) with 2 tbsp. pumpkin puree (10 kcals, 1g protein, 1g net carbs) with sugar-free vanilla and butter rum syrups, ground cinnamon, ground ginger, and a tiny bit of orange zest (187 kcals, 34g protein, 4g net carbs)
  • 1 serving Beef and Bean Chili Loaf - my newest creation! (113 kcals, 10g protein, 10g net carbs)
  • More Fage - 1/2 cup nonfat Fage (60 kcals, 10g protein, 4.5g net carbs) with 1/2 scoop Inspire ice cream sandwich (63 kcals, 15g protein, 1g net carb), and about 1 tbsp. sugar-free Jello cheesecake pudding (15 kcas, 0g protein, 4g net carbs) and various sugar-free syrups (138 kcals, 25g protein, 9.5g net carbs)
  • 3 Bariatric Advantage calcium lozenges (12 kcals, 3g net carbs)
  • 2 Celebrate orange multivitamins (10 kcals, 1g net carbs)
  • 1 Celebrate iron (5 kcals, 1g net carbs)
  • 3 pouches of sugar-free drink mix (30 kcals, 7.5g net carbs)
799 kcals
117.6g protein
58.9% kcals from protein
55g net carbs
27.5% kcals from net carbs.

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