Tuesday, September 22, 2009

On Birthday's Eve: Thoughts and Weight Update

Tomorrow is my 28th birthday.

It's been an eventful year: We elected and inaugurated Barack Obama but lost Michael Jackson, Ted Kennedy, and Patrick Swayze.

It's been eventful personally as well: I graduated from law school; moved to DC, back to Connecticut, and then finally back to SC; took the Bar exam; started a new job; and, in keeping with the subject of this blog - I had gastric bypass surgery.

At this time last year, I was thinking about weight loss surgery but not in a concrete way. I remember when it started to seem more urgent. I was on a trip to Atlanta on Sept. 26-28, a few days after my birthday. I was having a horrible time and feeling fatter than ever. While I was down there, I went to a Borders on the outskirts of Buckhead and bought Weight Loss Surgery for Dummies. I spent most of my last day in Atlanta engrossed in that book, and I decided then that I wanted to have RNY asap. I started getting into YouTube, and the next thing you know, I was meeting with people at Yale Health Plan and trying to fulfill the pre-surgery requirements.

I am so grateful for the RNY, and for all of the people who made it possible (e.g., the YLS people - Sharon, Megan, Heather, Harold; all the people at YHP; my surgeon; my mom; Faith in Branford.)

I would probably be back to my highest measured weight by now (338) if not for the surgery. This morning, my dilapidated scale said 220.2.* I don't think it's totally accurate, but it's close enough. If I took it seriously, that would be a loss of 83.8 pounds since April 13, 2009 and a net loss of 117.8 since May 2002. I'm still not at my lowest measured adult weight of 209, but I'm really close.

All in all, this kind of weight loss is a great birthday present. Tonight, I'm going to Lane Bryant to see if I can find a cute birthday outfit. I have loved LB since I was 13, but I'm hoping this will be the last birthday outfit I get from there. :-)

I have plans to celebrate my birthday this weekend by getting a bouquet from Edible Arrangements, going hiking at one of my favorite spots from childhood, and cooking my family a healthy feast of my "creative cuisine" that they have to eat.

*Yes, I know I was complaining a couple weeks ago about not being able to break into the 220s, and now they're almost over. Gotta love the "honeymoon period." :-)

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