Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What I Ate: June 12-13, 2010

It was a travel weekend, and I was with other people, so of course I didn't track as well as I should have. However, with the exception of banana pudding on Saturday - a planned deviation from the norm - I made good food choices.

Saturday was a trip to Edisto Beach and a subsequent trip to Charleston. We attended a barbecue in Edisto where they roasted a whole pig. In Charleston, we went out for dinner at a Mexican restaurant. I spent the night in Charleston.

Oddly, even after the banana pudding and lots and lots of almonds and avocados, the scale hit a new low on Monday morning - 173.9. Apparently, my body likes healthy fats. Yay.

Saturday, June 12:
  • Strawberries and white chocolate protein shake
  • 1 oz. original Jack Link's beef jerky and 1 100-calorie pack natural almonds
  • Substantial amount of roasted pork with a tiny bit of South Carolina mustard-based BBQ sauce and real banana pudding (yum! I ate a tiny bit too much of it, but in general it was worth the calories/carbs)
  • Cinnamon-brown sugar almonds
  • From downtown Charleston's Taco Boy: A mega delicious HUGE salad with grilled flank steak (a little past the temperature I requested, but it was still tasty and wasn't dry so I didn't complain), roasted corn, avocado (an entire 1/2 avocado, and yes I ate all of it), and roasted red peppers. It also came with queso fresco and tortilla strips but I ordered it without the tortillas and had the cheese on the side. I also ordered the roasted poblano vinaigrette, which was delicious, on the side. The salad was huge. I wound up eating all of the "good stuff" and left most of the romaine. I also had some guacamole (not as good as mine) and two chips.
  • Unfortunately, more cinnamon-brown sugar almonds. A LOT more.
Saturday's exercise was a 3-mile brisk walk first thing in the morning, before getting on the road to Charleston.

Sunday, June 13:
  • At 4 AM - cinnamon-brown sugar almonds
  • 1/2 bananas & cream Oh Yeah! over ice with 1 tsp. cocoa, a squirt of light whipped topping, and 4 chunks of canteloupe
  • Moe's: Had a salad with grilled chicken, black beans, pico de gallo, guacamole, olives, onions, mushrooms, and salsa (both regular and corn-tomato). Like yesterday, I focused on eating "the good stuff," particularly the chicken and black beans, and I discarded pretty much all the lettuce. No, it doesn't have many calories, but I wanted to use my pouch space for the nutritious stuff and not the filler.
  • 1/2 vanilla creme Oh Yeah! in a Starbucks iced decaf Americano. Tres tasty.
  • The rest of the cinnamon-brown sugar almonds. I didn't even like these that much, but they nonetheless beckoned to me while I was driving back from Charleston. Not good, but it could be worse. I was kinda craving French fries, so having nuts was a great move. Another back up plan to avoid the fries is drying green beans in the oven, but I will save that strategy for another day.
  • Coffee cheesecake protein frosty.
  • More of my tamarind-yuzu glazed cherries. They are starting to go bad - I wish I'd frozen them :-(
  • Irish creme coffee cheesecake protein frosty.

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