Thursday, June 10, 2010

What I Ate: June 10, 2010

  • Caramel cream protein shake: 1/2 cup cottage cheese (80 kcals, 15g protein, 5g carbs, 0g fat), 1/2 scoop Inspire cinnamon cappuccino protein (55 kcals, 15g protein, 0.5g carbs, 0g fat), a pinch of kosher salt, and SF dulce de leche and French vanilla syrups. Total - (135 kcals, 30g protein, 5.5g net carbs, 0g fat).
  • Homemade Lunchables: 1/2 Flatout Light Italian toasted into crackers (45 kcals, 3.3g protein, 4.5g net carbs, 1.8g fat), 2 slices Kraft FF cheese (1 Swiss, 1 American) (50 kcals, 8g protein, 4g carbs, 0g fat), 2 slices Hormel Natural Choice deli turkey (34 kcals, 6.6g protein, 0.7g carbs, 0.7g fat). Total - (129 kcals, 17.9g protein, 9.2g carbs, 2.5g fat).
  • All but 3 oz. of a Pure Protein frosty chocolate shake in 3 decaf coffees (124 kcals, 25g protein, 2.2g net carbs, 0.7g fat). I ran out of time at work to use the whole thing. :-/
  • 24 Blue Diamond cinnamon-brown sugar almonds (160 kcals, 6g protein, 4g net carbs, 14g fat).
  • Chicken, bacon, mushroom, tomato omelet: 1/2 cup Egg Beaters (60 kcals, 12g protein, 2g carbs, 0g fat), 1 strip Jennie-O extra lean turkey bacon (20 kcals, 3g protein, 0g carbs, 0.5g fat), 2 oz. diced chicken breast (80 kcals, 16g protein, 0.5g carbs, 1g fat), 28 grams sliced tomato (5 kcals, 0.5g net carbs), 1 slice Kraft FF American cheese (25 kcals, 4g protein, 2g carbs, 0g fat), 100 grams mushrooms (23 kcals, 3g protein, 2g net carbs, 0.3g fat). Total - (213 kcals, 38g protein, 7g net carbs, 1.8g fat).
  • 1 can of green beans I'd turned into chips (70 kcals, 3.5g protein, 7g net carbs, 0g fat)
  • 75 grams tamarind-yuzu glazed cherries (47 kcals, 10.5g net carbs)
  • Banana pudding protein frosty: 37 grams banana (33 kcals, 0.3g protein, 7.3g carbs, 0g fat), 1/2 scoop About Time birthday cake protein powder (52 kcals, 12.5g protein, 0g net carbs, 0g fat), 1/2 cup cottage cheese (80 kcals, 15g protein, 5g carbs, 0g fat), 1 tbsp. French vanilla SF/FF Jello pudding mix (15 kcals, 3g carbs), DaVinci SF French vanilla and dulce de leche syrups. Total - (180 kcals, 27.8g protein, 15.3g net carbs, 0g fat). So, so incredibly, magically delicious! This really did taste like my grandmother's banana pudding. This is a great nighttime shake :-)
1,058 calories
148.2g protein
56.0% kcals from protein
60.7g net carbs
22.9% kcals from net carbs
19g fat
16.2% kcals from fat.

Exercise today was a cool 35 minutes on the elliptical. Good, not great, but holding steady.

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