Wednesday, April 14, 2010

WLS Heroes: Marc Ambinder

This is the best article about obesity I've ever read. Yes, it's that good.

Marc Ambinder, fellow RNY post-op, has created a work of genius as far as I'm concerned. This is a must-read.

Here's the header:

Beating Obesity
By 2015, four out of 10 Americans may be obese. Until last year, the author was one of them. The way he lost one-third of his weight isn’t for everyone. But unless America stops cheering The Biggest Loser and starts getting serious about preventing obesity, the country risks being overwhelmed by chronic disease and ballooning health costs. Will first lady Michelle Obama’s new plan to fight childhood obesity work, or is it just another false start in the country’s long and so far unsuccessful war against fat?

You simply must take time to read the whole piece. I've posted this on Obesity Help,, Twitter, and Google Buzz thus far. I also took it to support group last night and gave a copy to the group leader.

My one quibble? I love to watch what Ambinder describes as "fat porn." Read the article to see what I'm referring to! :-)

Also, Ambinder wrote a shorter blog post on this topic yesterday: Beating Obesity: First Principles.

And a related post today: Why Sin Taxes on Sugar, Soda Are a Questionable Idea. (Apparently Ambinder agrees with President Clinton's take on this issue.) I take no position on sin taxes. Instinctively, I like them, but the question is whether they will make any difference in the obesity epidemic. In any event, Ambinder's perspective is worth a read.

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