Sunday, April 11, 2010

What I Ate: April 10, 2010

So yeah, Saturday was a travel weekend day, but I'm posting my food anyway. Not all of the nutritional info; just the food.
  • 1 Power Crunch cookies & creme protein bar
  • 2 Oh Yeah chocolate mint protein wafers
  • Handful of dry roasted peanuts and raisins (gotta love GORP!)
  • 1 packet Starkist white albacore tuna with 1 100-calorie packet natural almonds
  • 1 travel pack Inspire dutch chocolate cake protein in Sbux tall iced decaf Americano
  • At alumni dinner: Lots of cheese, 1 hard-boiled egg, 1/2 dinner roll (ARGH), about 1/3 of an overcooked grilled beef tenderloin, a few small bites of braised red cabbage and sweet potato, 2 small bites of flourless chocolate cake. I'd feel pretty good about this if it weren't for the dinner roll and overeating the cheese. I'd planned to take a bite of the dessert. It wasn't that good, so it wasn't hard to stop at 2 bites!
  • Kind almond-apricot coconut bar
  • Bite of Edy's mint-cookie ice cream
  • 1 100-cal pack natural almonds
I also got a great workout at Fresh Yoga in New Haven. I went to their Saturday morning Anusara class, which was a combination of Levels 1 and 2. It was probably the most advanced class I've tried: Not only did we do reclining hero pose (which I did for the first time on March 21 at City Yoga's Level 1.5, which is also when I did assisted wheel pose), but we also did salamba sarvangasana (supported shoulder stand), half-moon pose, fish pose, half frog pose, and a bunch of other new stuff that I don't remember. Very cool. I also really liked the instructor, Leslie.

It's funny about the salamba sarvangasana: I used to do shoulder stands all the time when I was younger, even when I was 300+ pounds. I had no idea I was doing a relatively advanced yoga pose! I was just messing around, pretending I was doing gymnastics. When I saw what she was telling us to do, I thought, "Oh yeah - I got this. I don't have basics like down dog, but I got this." Heh.

(If you couldn't tell, I posted the menu primarily to justify posting about the awesomeness of that yoga class. Haha.)

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