Saturday, April 10, 2010

What I Ate: April 9, 2010 (aka The Anatomy of a Compulsive Eater's Slow Meltdown)

The eating day started off okay, but at about 2:30 PM when I had the cocoa almonds, it took a turn for the worse. By the time the day was over, I'd double-dipped on protein bars and eaten mint cookie lowfat (but not low-sugar) ice cream. It's so hard not to go over the edge the rest of the day once you've slipped. Usually, I fall apart at night, but Friday was different.

Rule #1 for compulsive eaters - or at least this compulsive eater: Go. To. Bed. The food doesn't become calorie-free after midnight!
  • Praline cappuccino protein frappe: 1 scoop Nectar cappuccino protein powder (90 kcals, 23g protein, 0g carbs, 0g fat) in 1 cup unsweeetened vanilla Almond Breeze (40 kcals, 1g protein, 1g carbs, 3g fat) with SF praline syrup and Truvia. Total - (130 kcals, 24g protein, 1g carbs, 3g fat).
  • The last of my Mediterranean White Chili, a little over 1/2 cup (about 120 kcals, 16g protein, 10g net carbs, 1.5g fat). So yummy!
  • 3 slices Hormel Natural Choice roast beef (45 kcals, 8.2g protein, 0g carbs, 1.5g fat) and 1 Babybel Light cheese round (50 kcals, 6g protein, 0g carbs, 3g fat). Total - (95 kcals, 14.2g protein, 0g carbs, 4.5g fat) and about 1 oz. cocoa roasted almonds :-( (150 kcals, 6g protein, 4g net carbs, 9g fat). Total - (245 kcals, 20.2g protein, 4g net carbs, 13.5g fat). I was still hungry after my roast beef and cheese, so the cocoa almonds made an appearance. Boo. This was where the day began to unravel.
  • Chocolate Extreme Smoothie protein shake (170 kcals, 35g protein, 5g net carbs, 0.5g fat) - en route airport.
  • 1 100-calorie pack of "natural" almonds (100 kcals, 4g protein, 4g net carbs, 9g fat) - midair.
  • 2 Oh Yeah! peanut butter cup protein wafers (210 kcals, 14g protein, 6g net carbs, 13g protein) - at Grand Central Terminal. This was on my plan, and it was fine.
  • 1 Power Crunch peanut butter creme protein bar (200 kcals, 13g protein, 9g net carbs, 12g fat) - also at Grand Central Terminal. This was not part of my plan, so it was not fine. It also sent me over my daily calorie target.
  • 4 Bariatric Advantage cinnamon calcium citrate lozenges (16 kcals, 4g carbs)
  • 2 Celebrate orange multivitamins (10 kcals, 2g net carbs)
  • 2 Celebrate grape iron + c (10 kcals, 3g net carbs)
Total before 2 AM - pre-ice cream:
1,211 calories
126.2g protein
41.7% kcals from protein
48g net carbs
15.9% kcals from net carbs
52.5g fat!!
39.0% kcals from fat!!

BUT - it gets worse.

I finally got to New Haven at about 1:30 AM on Saturday morning, then I had to go meet the person I'm staying with at her BF's house to get her key. I got to her apartment, neither her nor her roommate was there, and I no longer felt like going straight to bed. So, I did what any compulsive eater would do. I scrounged for food. I didn't see anything worth the excess calories at first, but eventually I came across Edy's Slow-Churned Mint Chocolate Cookie ice cream. Perfect.

You know that saying, "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels"? Well, last night, when I was eating that ice cream, for a fleeting moment I doubted the veracity of that statement. I really did. Doesn't mean I'm going to make a habit of eating that ice cream, but I'm not gonna lie. It was delectable.

By the way, exercise was mediocre. I partied with Leslie Sansone on Friday morning. I did 4 miles of her 5-mile Fat Burning Walk, which took 50 minutes.

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