Monday, March 22, 2010

This Sunday, at Yoga

I did this:
This is urdhva dhanurasana (aka wheel pose.)
  • I'm sure it looked nothing like that. I was able to get my feet flat and elbows straight though!
  • I couldn't do it on my own; we did it as a partner exercise where you hold on to your partner's ankles and they help you raise your shoulders.
But whatever. I did it! I also did reclining hero pose (with props), an asana that seemed difficult to most people in the class despite using props. I couldn't hold the asana the full 5 minutes or so, but I got into the pose and held it a respectable amount of time.

I was dabbling in Level 1.5, a half-step above my usual Basic class - and amazingly, I don't think my performance was completely embarrassing. Slightly, perhaps, but not completely. Yay.

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