Friday, February 12, 2010

What I Ate: 2/12/2010

  • 1 scoop Matrix Cookies & Cream (130 kcals, 23g protein, 5g carbs, 2g fat) in 1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze (20 kcals, 0.5g protein, 0.5g carbs, 1.5g fat). Total - (150 kcals, 23.5g protein, 5.5g carbs, 3.5g fat).
  • Chicken salad sandwich: 1/2 Flatout Light Italian flatbread (45 kcals, 4.5g protein, 3.3g net carbs, 1.8g fat) with 2 oz. homemade chicken salad (79 kcals, 13.4g protein, 3g net carbs, 2.9g fat). Total - (124 kcals, 17.9g protein, 6.3g net carbs, 4.7g fat). This is really good chicken salad that I made with leftover chicken breast and the dark parts of my rotisserie chicken. I used exactly half dark meat and half breast. I chopped the dark meat in the food processor so it could impart smoothness and richness throughout; I simply diced the chicken breast. I also used leftover onion, turkey bacon, and red bell pepper from the meal I cooked for my mom last Saturday. I left the pepper raw, but I sauteed the onion simply with salt. The dressing is just mustard and nonfat Fage seasoned relatively straightforwardly with Worcestershire, Liquid Smoke, Old Bay, black pepper, sage, and garlic powder. It is the best chicken salad I've ever made. The creamy dark meat is amazing in this dish, and I like the textural variation of the chicken breast chunks. I also like that this is "refrigerator" chicken salad - I just tossed in whatever I wanted to put in from the fridge and created something yummy.
  • ProJoe Nillacino as decaf coffee creamer (120 kcals, 20g protein, 5g net carbs, 0g fat)
  • Another chicken salad sandwich (124 kcals, 17.9g protein, 6.3g net carbs, 4.7g fat) and 6 pecan halves (60 kcals, 0.7g protein, 0.4g net carbs, 6g fat).
  • Banana Chike Nutrition protein sample (190 kcals, 28g protein, 9g net carbs, 3.5g fat) in 1 cup unsweetened chocolate Almond Breeze (45 kcals, 2g protein, 2g net carbs, 3g fat) and 1 tsp. Hershey's unsweetened cocoa powder (3 kcals) with 1 packet of SweetLeaf. Total - (238 kcals, 30g protein, 11g net carbs, 6.5g fat). This was delish.
  • 2 fiber wafers (24 kcals, 2g protein, 4g net carbs, 0g fat)
  • Cheese and onion omelet: 1/2 cup Publix EggStirs (60 kcals, 12g protein, 2g carbs, 0g fat), 2 slices Kraft fat-free sharp cheddar (50 kcals, 8g protein, 4g carbs, 0g fat), 2 tbsp. leftover caramelized onions (12 kcals, 0.8g protein, 2.4g carbs, 0g fat), and spices. Total - (122 kcals, 20.8g protein, 8.4g net carbs, 0g fat).
  • 1 Calcet calcium citrate lemon creamy bite (40 kcals, 6g net carbs, 1.5g fat)
  • 3 Bariatric Advantage calcium lozenges (12 kcals, 4g net carbs)
  • 2 Celebrate multivitamins in orange (10 kcals, 2g net carbs)
1,024 calories
132.8g protein
51.9% kcals from protein
58.9g net carbs
23.0% kcals from net carbs
26.9g fat
23.6% kcals from fat.

For today's exercise, I did 45 minutes on the elliptical at the office gym. I'd planned to do more, but I overslept yet again.


  1. I use SweetLeaf stevia, too! Don't you love that it has 0 calories, 0 carbs, and a 0 glycemic index!

  2. Yeah, I love that it's granulated using inulin fiber! I use a variety of different sweeteners, but I can tell a difference when I use SweetLeaf. Too much Splenda makes me a little jittery (I guess from the dextrose and maltodextrin) and Truvia has sugar alcohols, so you have to use it sparingly.