Friday, February 26, 2010

Not Obese. Claiming It.

This morning, my lovely scale reported that my weight is 182.6 pounds. At 5'6.5", my current BMI is 29.0. I'm 5.9 pounds below 188.5, the weight at which someone my height has an "obese" BMI of 30.0.

It's great to see the numbers moving down again after such a long hiatus. More stalls are in my future, and I'll fluctuate up again, possibly even 5 pounds. But even so, my weight will be below the obesity line.

My weight has been below 188 in recent days/weeks, but I wasn't confident enough in the numbers to officially declare myself "overweight" (with good reason - on Tuesday morning, the scale said I was 189.) But now I'm feeling secure in this transition.

I'm overweight, y'all!

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