Saturday, January 8, 2011

If You Bite It, Write It - January 8, 2011

A few months ago, I auditioned for a choir and it went horribly. I never heard back from them and didn't ask because I felt demoralized by the whole thing. Lo and behold, I got an email last night after 10 PM that said I'd been accepted and that rehearsal was this afternoon! I went to practice. Jury's still out on the experience.  They didn't even officially welcome the new members, and I didn't feel the esprit de corps I have on other choirs. I'll give this a few weeks and reconsider whether it's worth my time at that point.

Changing subjects, I did an official weigh-in for the first time since December 30, 2010. That morning I was 189.1, and I'm positive I gained up to 5 pounds while I was in South Carolina. This morning, I was 181.3.  I know it's not a "real" weight because I'll bounce back a bit once I get back on solids, but it's still a relief to be in my old comfort zone. (Though, one of my goals for this year is to push myself to get lower than 169.8 at least once, so 181.3 isn't good enough for that.)
  • Tasty chocolate cheesecake shake: 1 scoop Matrix chocolate protein, 1 cup So Delicious coconut milk, heaping tsp. cocoa powder, SF/FF cheesecake pudding mix, ice, vanilla extract
  • About 3T FF half and half in a french press of decaf Caffe Verona
  • Interesting protein iced mocha: 1 french press of decaf Caffe Verona brewed double strength, several ice cubes, 1 scoop Matrix chocolate, lots of Splenda, a smidge of vanilla extract. Really interesting.
  • More standard protein iced mocha: 1 sleeve Nescafe instant decaf, 1 scoop Matrix chocolate, lots of Splenda, vanilla extract, maple extract, SF/FF white chocolate pudding mix, 1 scoop Matrix chocolate protein, 1 cup So Delicious coconut milk,cocoa powder.
  • 1/4 cup lowfat Coffee Mate in a french press of Starbucks decaf Sumatra. Yuuuum. Can't decide whether I prefer Sumatra or Caffe Verona. Both are delicious.
  • 1 scoop Matrix strawberry cream protein, heaping spoonful of SF/FF white chocolate protein mix, Splenda, ice, 1 cup So Delicious coconut milk.
I was planning on another shake, but thank to my sugar-free gum, I was too full for another shake.

I did make it to the gym today, surprisingly. A little less than 38 minutes on the elliptical at a higher intensity level than normal :)

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