Tuesday, January 4, 2011

If You Bite It, Write It - January 3, 2011

My two-week liquid diet started today at 9 AM and will end on the morning of January 18.  The purpose of this New Year liquid diet is to get myself on a better foot, teaching myself that while I may enjoy eating nuts, bread, etc. that I don't need them, and to remind myself that I'm strong enough to beat the disease of obesity/food addiction.

I didn't start the liquid diet officially until 9 AM, so I'm starting the record with that (although I didn't actually have any shakes until 12:15 PM).  At 4 AM on the train I had some deli meat and at 7 AM or so I had my last sugar-free Dove dark chocolate.

Also, I'm making some changes -- changing the URL to this blog and its design. I feel like I'm moving into a new phase here. I met with a bariatric/eating disorder psychologist last Wednesday who gave me new hope; now I feel generally more positive about where this is all leading.  And it feels really good to have gotten through my first day on the liquid re-charge diet.

  • 1 Pure Protein Frosty Chocolate drink (170 kcals, 35g protein, 4g carbs, 1g fiber, 1g fat)
  • 2T half and half in Sbux Casi Cielo coffee
  • 1/2 14 oz. vanilla creme Oh Yeah! in Sbux decaf
  • 1/2 14 oz. vanilla creme Oh Yeah!, 1 scoop Matrix chocolate protein, 1.5T cocoa, and 2 tsp. SF chocolate pudding mix with ice.
  • 1 cup unsweetened chocolate almond breeze, 1 scoop Matrix chocolate, a little Splenda, 1.5T cocoa, and 2 tsp. SF cheesecake pudding mix with ice.
Required 30 minutes of cardio: Leslie Sansone 30-minute walk.

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