Sunday, October 3, 2010

What I Ate: September 30 - October 2, 2010

Weird last three days. I might have to go back to measurement. My weight is creeping up!

Basically, I've been making two big mistakes. (1) I've been eating the right foods, but probably too much of them. Even the nuts aren't rescuing me. (2) I've been eating very little through the day, but eating a lot at night. (1) is a much bigger issue than (2), but (2) makes me feel gross so I consider that a problem as well.

On Thursday, I had a protein frosty in the morning and at night. Through the day, I ate soynuts, raw cashews, and a few almonds, plus half and half in my decaf coffee. I also had a pouch of Starkist tuna before bed.

On Friday, I had a protein frosty in the morning and at night. I had half and half in my coffee, and a few ounces of almonds. I also ate some of the okra, corn, and tomatoes my grandmother canned for me with 1 Light Flatout.

On Saturday, I had a protein frosty in the morning and half and half in decaf coffees. But then I didn't actually eat anything else until about 4 pm, and I definitely had gotten the shaky cold sweats. :( I was walking to Whole Foods which is pretty far from my house, and I guess my body couldn't take the activity with the lack of food. I decided I would eat a few raw cashews once I got to the store. But in my shakiness and slight disorientation/panic, I bought WAY too many, like a half pound! Of course I ate them all by the time the day was over. I also ate too much roasted chicken (I roasted it for the week, and my taste test turned into a full on meal) and had a couple spoonfuls of a creamy chicken and broccoli soup I also made for the week. I also had more roasted chicken breast with 1 sundried tomato light Flatout. So again, the problem was not what I ate, it was apparently how much I was eating.

I will admit I didn't get to work out on Thursday or Friday. Work was very hectic on Thursday, and I went in early both days to finish an assignment. I planned to go to yoga after work on Friday, but I was 5 minutes late. (I love the bus, but it was very aggravating that day.)

On Saturday, however, in addition to walking a ton, I tried Ashtanga yoga for the first time. The class was taught by Antonella at Quiet Mind Yoga. I could tell she was a little taken aback by the number of new faces, and she warned us that it was an advanced class and that she wouldn't slow down. (I had no idea this class was "advanced" before I arrived; the class title is simply "Ashtanga" and there's no mention of "advanced" in the description, so I assumed it was all levels.) At any rate, I loved this class. It wasn't so fast that I couldn't keep up. Plus, I usually enjoy a bit of a challenge in yoga. There were several poses I couldn't do, but that was true for lots of people in the class, even some of the obvious old-timers. We did a few poses that I love, including Wheel, Plow, and Shoulderstand. I had an awesome time and plan to dabble in a little more Ashtanga.

This is an aside, but even with my stupid weight issues, I'm still feeling pretty awesome. It is simply amazing to be able to do all the physical things I can do now. I am still ultra-thankful for my RNY.

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