Sunday, October 31, 2010

I Had Real Food for Dinner

Most of the day was decaf coffee with half and half and black bean chocolate-orange cake, but I had one protein shake and one real meal today. Here's the real meal:

It's just a simple, lovely Farmers' Market salad. All but two of the components are from the White House Farmers' Market.

From the Market, there are delicious dijon-tasting mustard lettuce leaves, sweet purple bell peppers, mildly peppery French breakfast radishes, tart green tomatoes - all veggies but the lettuce lightly sauteed - and medium rare bison ranch steak ("ranch steak" is from the shoulder, so it's a lean and less expensive cut that you must be careful not to overcook.)

From my home kitchen/leftovers, there are blanched/sauteed brussels sprouts and South Carolina mustard bbq-based vinaigrette. Yum.

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