Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Update - What I Ate: October 3-4 & 9-11, 2010

You'd think I was off doing something interesting, which would explain my lack of posting.

Nope, I've been doing the 9-5 every day. I've been eating the same old boring foods for the most part, with a few WLS-friendly exceptions. I just haven't posted because, well, I haven't. Also, once you get so behind, it's hard to get back to it because it takes more effort to go back and add all the previous days. Fortunately, because there wasn't a ton of variation and because I jotted my food down on Post-Its most days anyway, this shouldn't be too difficult.

Weight is stable, in my safe zone of the upper 170s. Yes, I wish I were losing weight. But more and more I realize I need to just embrace where I am.

Life has been fun. It's great being young and living in the city as a non-morbidly obese person. I had coffee with someone from law school the other day who wasn't a good friend of mine, and I felt comfortable around her in a way that I hadn't before. I think a lot of my previous discomfort with meeting and/or befriending certain people was weight-related (though I hate to admit that.) Also, we had "Columbus Day" (which I like to re-envision as Indigenous People's Day) off work, and I spent almost the entire day walking and standing, mostly at the National Zoo. It was super-fun. While I actually used to enjoy long walks as a morbidly obese person, I still think it was at least a little more fun now that I'm not quite so heavy.

So, food. I don't have exercise because I forgot to write it down every day, but I have been exercising regularly. I'm writing it where I remember, but definitely omitting some too.

Sunday, October 3:
  • Lots of half and half in decaf coffee
  • Lamb kidneys & eggplant

Monday, October 4

  • Chocolate and lavender protein frosty
  • Homemade Lunchables: 1/2 sundried tomato Flatout Light, toasted; 2 slices FF cheese; 2 slices Hormel Natural Choice deli turkey
  • 2 hard-boiled eggs with Splenda-sweetened mustard
  • 1 serving of my homemade creamy chicken and broccoli soup. I made this on the weekend and froze 8 individual servings. I figured that a cup would be just about right, but given the density of the chicken breast, I will make the servings a touch smaller next time. Of course, I try to follow the RNY rules for soup which, for me, means sipping all the liquid and saving the solids for the end.
  • Roasted chicken, 1/2 delicata squash, and a few chunks of roasted beets
  • 1 6-oz. cup of Fage 0% with SF/FF Jello cheesecake pudding mix and Believe cinnamon cappuccino protein
  • Did not exercise.

Saturday, October 9:

  • Chocolate-ginger protein frosty
  • Nibbled on homemade cinnamon-orange sugar-free angel food cake (base for bread pudding)
  • Another chocolate-ginger protein frosty
  • Robusto, gruyere, gouda, and another kind of cheese that I don't remember

  • Sunday, October 10:
    • Had friends over for brunch. I nibbled on each part of the meal, which included four courses: (1) Borscht w/egg, roasted grapes, and dill; (2) Seared scallops over mashed winter squash, mushrooms, sage, and roasted peas w/ shaved Robusto cheese; (3) Roasted citrus chicken breast w/ braised beet greens, sultanas, hazelnuts & balsamic vinegar; and (4) Apple-orange bread pudding w/ frozen pecan nougat & smoky vanilla creme anglaise. I was scrambling so much that I didn't take photos :(
    • Chocolate-covered strawberry protein frosty
    • Half and half in morning and late-night coffees
    Monday, October 11:

    • Chocolate-orange-ginger protein shake
    • Tub of roasted cashews
    • 1/3 Flatout Light with roasted chicken breast, fresh dill, and mustard
    • Chocolate orange protein shake. This tasted like one of those chocolate oranges you see in the grocery stores during the holidays
    • Tuna
    • Half and half

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