Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What I Ate: September 8, 2010

  • Rich chocolate protein frosty
  • 1 scrambled Wil-Moore farm egg over a protein waffle. I tweaked my waffle recipe down and it was a huge improvement! The waffle was delicious and didn't make a mess all over the counter. I added a little So Delicious coconut half and half to the egg and topped the waffle with sugar-free Mrs. Butterworth's syrup and a teensy smidge of butter.
  • Mocha protein frosty
  • 2 protein waffles made in my new way with a little butter, SF syrup, and SF Reddi Whip
  • A little more SF Reddi Whip
  • An ungodly amount of seared and roasted wild boar tenderloin with peach gastrique over onions sauteed in the boar jus and thyme-roasted diced butternut squash. My uncle hunts wild boar and gave me this tenderloin for free! This was my first time having wild boar tenderloin. Even though wild boar is technically pork, it looks and tastes much different from regular pork. First off, it's red meat, not white meat. Second, it has this gamey/barnyard flavor that I can't decide whether I enjoy or not. The gastrique was a great call because the acidity played well with the gamey flavor of the meat. Yet, unlike regular pork tenderloin, the wild boar didn't match up so well with the sweetness of the peach. I have another boar loin at my mom's house. I will make that one completely savory; maybe hit it with some smoke and spice.

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