Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What I Ate: September 4-6, 2010

DISCLAIMER: I didn't eat so wonderfully the last three days. I'm struggling to stay on plan right now, and eager to go ahead and move and get back into a solid food and exercise routine. When I post what I ate, I'm not saying this is what YOU should eat, nor am I asking for advice. I don't need to hear, "Lay off the carbs!" because I already know I should lay off them. And, if the scale continues to creep up, this time I will know why. I was tempted to keep these days to myself, or perhaps to be less than honest about them. But that wouldn't do me much good. The key to success, ultimately, is going to be staying honest with myself about my behaviors.

So I'm posting these days, acknowledging that they are not ideal post-RNY days whatsoever, and fighting, one moment at a time, to make better decisions.

Saturday, September 4

  • Mocha protein frosty
  • Asparagus and candied turkey bacon with poached egg, preserved lemon syrup, and smoked sea salt. This was my post-yoga brunch and came in at or just below 100 calories.
  • 1/2 vanilla Oh Yeah! in Starbucks decaf coffee
  • 1 large peach and 24 butter toffee almonds
  • The last of my goat stew, and about 2 tbsp. Ruth's pimento cheese (yuck! definitely NOT as good as I remembered it pre-op. It was neon orange and appeared to have little real cheese in it. Pimento cheese must be homemade/housemade.)
  • Another mocha protein frosty
  • Evil middle of the night eats, not all at the same time or I would have popped right open: 1 large peach, a handful of honey nut Cheerios, a handful of Fiber One cereal, and a chocolate-oat Fiber One bar. ARGH - something about visiting the family makes me want to night-eat carbs. I'm working on this, but it will always be a battle and a process.
Sunday, September 5
  • Mounds-inspired protein frosty (chocolate coconut) - I added my stepdad's coconut flavoring that he uses for baking to my regular chocolate frosty recipe. It was so delicious!
    Chicken-black bean burger patty, about 2 oz. butter toffee almonds, and 8 pretzel M&Ms (ARGH! I wanted to taste them, but I was supposed to eat three - not eight!)
  • 1/2 vanilla creme Oh Yeah! in decaf coffees
  • 2 mini Ellie Krieger Crisp Crab Cakes (I love her recipe. I had these frozen uncooked, so I just heated them up in a skillet after church); 1/2 baked sweet potato flavored with cinnamon, lemon, vanilla, and hint of salt; 1 slice Hormel 2% sharp "cheddar" processed cheese (I ate this while I waited for the crabcakes to heat. I was starving. Church was way too long.)
  • About 1 tbsp. fat-free half and half in a sugar-free chai tea - yum!
  • Mocha protein frosty
  • And here's where I fell off the wagon again. Those cursed late nights: A handful of pecans, which made my stomach hurt (pecans often sit weird for me), so I dulled the pain with a handful of Honey Nut Cheerios. Again - argh!
Monday, September 6
  • Another Mounds-inspired protein frosty
  • More butter toffee almonds
  • Roast chicken
  • 1/3 hamburger, a tiny bit of chili, 1/2 slice 2% cheese, 1/2 pork chop, a couple bites hot dog, one bite bratwurst, and about 1/3 cup banana pudding ice cream. We had a mini cookout, and I saved all my carb intake for the ice cream.
  • More roast chicken and more banana pudding ice cream
  • A huge hamburger (just the patty) and the last few butter toffee almonds (less than 1/2 oz.)
  • Several tbsp. fat-free half and half in sugar-free chai teas and decaf coffees over the course of the day, particularly while playing Uno and Monopoly with the fam :)
On Saturday, I went to a 75-minute hot yoga class with a new instructor, Jenny, at City Yoga. On Sunday, I did nothing - was in church most of the day. On Monday morning, I walked 3 miles at AnMed track - not awesome, but better than nothing!

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