Monday, August 17, 2009

Lots of Catching up To Do!

I just got my Internet connected at my apartment! Now I can go back to keeping track of my food on here instead of random pieces of paper, which I often misplace. It's been a crazy time - I haven't exercised since last Saturday in Jekyll Island, and since then I've moved into my Columbia apartment and then spent last Thursday through yesterday (Sunday) in Charleston for another wedding.

I definitely have to get my life back together. This morning, the scale said 239! Who gains weight 4 months out of gastric bypass?!

I wrote down everything I've eaten since August 10, but I left one of my bags in Charleston (argh) and one of the missing items is my food list. If I ever get that bag back, I will list that food then. For now, I can tell you that one of my staple foods was lowfat string cheese.

Will start today with August 17, 2009 food reported tonight.

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