Saturday, August 8, 2009

Another Reason that I'm Grateful for RNY

I just found out that a law school classmate has been diagnosed with lymphoma.

My classmate sent out an event on Facebook asking people to sign up to be bone marrow donors, and on his blog noted the special need for minority donors. I went to the donation website and immediately went to the health guidelines, thinking that maybe because I had major surgery less than 4 months ago, I wouldn't qualify. The guidelines didn't mention anything about recent surgeries, but it did have weight guidelines. I just knew that the weight limits were going to disqualify me.

Amazingly, the upper limit for someone with a height of 5'7'' is 255 pounds. Yesterday morning, I was 237.4 pounds, so I signed up. Thanks to this surgery, not only can my own life be lengthened and improved, but maybe I can help someone else's be lengthened and improved as well. Which is one more reason that RNY is pretty awesome.

By the way, sign up to donate bone marrow at

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