Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Twenty-Nine Goals for 2011

I drafted these back in January, but couldn't quite come up with enough (I planned on 30 but could only get 29!) But even though it's April, I still want to try to meet them as much as possible.  Better late than never!

  • Lose roughly 20 pounds (get back to 170 and be maintaining that weight at the end of 2011).
  • Read at least three books on mindful eating/beating compulsive eating.
  • Go to the dentist at least once.
  • Go to primary care doctor in DC at least once more, and find a new primary care doctor in new city.
  • Have vitamin levels checked and do follow-up with bariatric surgeon. - DONE
  • Continue to attend regular bariatric support group whenever possible - must have really good excuses to skip.
  • Give up or significantly reduce consumption of un-affirming foods: cashews, peanut butter, cookies, candies, and bread. If I could give up soda and rice, I can certainly eliminate these other foods. Limit almonds/cashews/pecans to once/month at most; limit pistachios and soy nuts to once/week at most.
Physical Activity & Adventure
  • Find a regular yoga studio, a regular class, a regular teacher.
  • Practice yoga asana at least once per week, at home or in a studio.
  • Be able to get into and practice headstand against the wall (this one came to me in a dream, which was really weird because I never dream.)
  • Go to Zumba at least twice.
  • Register for and complete at least 2 "races" of any length. Walking them is fine.
  • Go hiking at least 2 times.
  • Go biking at least once.
  • Go rock climbing!
Professional & Creative
  • Publish at least two op-ed pieces.
  • Cook with at least 10 new-to-me ingredients (I'm lowering the number because I cooked with such a wide array of ingredients last year.) - so far, beef tongue, fiddlehead ferns, daikon, turkey wings, rabbit, yellow carrots. Six down, four to go. 
    • Update 4/21 - baby artichokes
  • Take a pottery class.
  • Join a choir. - DONE (Washington Performing Arts Society Men & Women of Gospel)
Interpersonal Connection
  • Join an online dating community and actively participate at least once.
  • Go speed dating at least once.
  • Go on at least one "real date." (yeah, I'm that pathetic - one date in a whole year would be a breakthrough)
  • Host at least 3 dinner parties inviting people from different sets of friends.
  • Organize an apple-picking or similar fruit-picking trip.
  • Volunteer - either a sustained volunteer opportunity or at least 5 single-shot volunteer opportunities.
  • Go to karaoke at least once. - DONE
  • Go dancing at least once (this is a physical activity I guess, but I'm listing it here anyway).
  • Have a plastic surgery consultation.
  • Develop a side hustle.
  • Find an eating disorder therapist, a bariatric support group and either a Weight Watchers meeting or Overeaters Anonymous community in Boston.

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