Thursday, April 30, 2009

First Day Back at the Gym!

Today was my first day back at the gym. I'm a member of Washington Sports Club (WSC), which I love because I can go to any WSC in the DC metro area, so it's really convenient. It's not the ritziest gym, but it's nice and much cheaper than a Gold's or Bally's.

My surgeon says I can now do any exercise I want. I'm going to stick with the elliptical for now and probably for the next few months, but I might try out something more vigorous in the future. Maybe dance or running.

I used the elliptical for about 37 minutes. Because I wanted to be careful, I used it at level 5 and went a tad slower than normal. (Usually I use level 9 or 10.) According to the machine's untrustworthy calorie counter, I burned 373 calories.

I think it went well. I felt really tired afterward, so I'm not 100% yet, but it was a good first effort. Onward and upward from there!

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